• Under no circumstances are memberships refundable
  • Memberships cannot be used by anyone other than the member
  • Memberships can be frozen for a $10 fee per month with notice and payment given AHEAD of absence. 
  • Memberships can be frozen with a doctor’s note with no charge; however the Dr.’s note must state that you are out for 30 days or more, time on memberships for 2 weeks, 3 weeks, etc…will not be given. Dr.'s note must be given within one week of the start date the note writes member out at. The YMCA will NOT honor notes that are given AFTER the absence. 
  • Membership freezes are only good for adult, husband/wife, family parent/child and      sr. citizen memberships. No other type of membership is eligible for freezing.
  • Only one guest permitted per member. Guests must stay with the member.


  • There are no refunds given for any programs. Credits will be given with a doctor’s note for the remainder of classes left in the session when note is presented.
  • Parents may watch the first and last lesson only for progressive swim lessons. (Parents of Preschool swim lessons must stay on pool deck during lessons.)
  • Parents must stay on deck in the pool area during family swim
  • Only one guest per member for family swim.
  • Swim lesson policy for progressive and preschool: Free class for 3rd, and 6th children. No more than 2 free children per family. All children must hold a current youth membership while in swim lessons. Refusal of participation will occur mid-session if membership is not current.
  • When participant misses a class, it does not result in a credit or make up session. If the Y cancels a peak class or paid program, the class will be made up.


  • Everyone entering the building must sign in and out. Members must also present their membership card each time they come.
  • All swimmers must shower before entering the pool or sauna. Before entering the pool after sauna use, a shower must be taken.
  • Proper swim attire required
  • All swimmers with hair below their shoulders must wear a swim cap. (Available at the front desk for $5.00)
  • Women are not allowed in the men’s locker room, men not allowed in the women’s locker room. Please use family locker rooms for children of the opposite gender.
  • Please be respectful and modest when children are in the locker rooms. 
  • No photographs or videos are permitted. We must all be respectful of our participants’ privacy.
  • Our exit on Jewel Street at 33 Outwater Lane is a one way street. You must turn right out of our parking lot.


 1. All Youth Members 17 years old and younger MUST be Skills tested for “Youth Fun Swim” and “Family Swim:

  • Bathing Caps for shallow or deep area  ( red cap / shallow end ) ( blue cap / deep end )
  • Bathing caps MUST be worn during ALL swim periods

 2.  All youth members under 8 years old MUST have:

  • 18+ Adult in the water with them during Youth Fun Swim and Family Swim
  • The Adult MUST NOT be more than 3 feet away from the child during the swim periods
  • non - swimming parents MUST: stay on the pool deck or the Y youth swimmer will be removed from the pool

 3.  All youth swimmers 8 years old and under who have  been tested to the “Minnow 2/ II” Progressive Level will be allowed to swim alone during – Fun Swims and Family Swims

 4. After the Aquatic Swim Test is given the results will be recorded and maintained on the Pool deck / Y computer