Main Branch

Please note we expect the facility to gain hours as the recovery and reopening of the state continues from the Covid-19 Pandemic. We ask our community to minimize walk-ins for information due to social distancing and to call 973-772-7450 or email for more information. 

All adult membership activities require an RSVP. 


This is our 85-year-old facility that is a treasure chest full of history and memories. The City of Garfield was incorporated in 1917 and the Y followed shortly thereafter in 1926. Having said that, this is the facility that is rooted deep within the community and where many walks in and have memories of their childhood swim lessons or camp. Children who have learned to swim at the Y are now lifeguards at the very same Y, parents who had their children in child care at the Y are now staff at the very same Y. This is the facility that no matter how it ages, will always hold dear memories for community members.

For newcomers, it holds a wide variety of programs for youth and adults. Home to child care, swim lessons, fun swim and family swim, karate, youth sports like soccer, t-ball and basketball, along with Silver Sneakers’ classes, Adult Aquatic Classes in our recreation sized pool and a sauna, Cardio Room, and Family Events like the Sesame Street Fair, Healthy Kid’s Day and the Holiday Ball, 33 Outwater Lane is the facility that has something for everyone.

The beauty of 33 Outwater Lane is in its original form and structure, the age can be seen of the years that have passed, but the facility’s vitality is undeniable!