Vacation Camp

When school has days off, bring your kids to Vacation Camp! Instead of having your kids stay home all day, bring them into the Y to interact with others, play in the gym, participate in arts and crafts, watch movies and play games! They will have a lot more fun playing at the Y than sitting at home. Children must be a member in order to participate in this program.

For children who are in the before/after/wrap around program: pre-registration is $20.00

Same day drop of for the before/after/wrap program if $35.00


If children are not participants of the above programs: per-registration if $35.00

Same day drop off for non participants is $50.00


Vacation camp days are:
hours of operation: 7a.m. to 6 p.m.

Email for the later available dates in the 2014 school calendar



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