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There are many ways throughout the year the Y responds to its call to action to be socially responsible.

The movement looks to help meet the needs of society in many different areas. 

In many ways, as Social Responsibility is an area of focus, the Y's other areas of focus Healthy Living and Youth Development feed Social Responsibility. As the Y endeavors to engage youth in swim lessons (drowning being the second cause of death in children) to obesity intervention and diabetes education, the Y becomes socially responsible while tackling these issues that our community and most times our whole country faces. 

There are other times in where the Y will have specific programs that fall under Social Responsibility for example hosting a Red Cross Blood Drive, hosting free community events that engage children and families in healthy, fun and educational ways to hosting seminars for seniors with their changing needs for medical insurance to health screenings. This is where historically the movement from many became misunderstood. The vast array of programs and activities almost made the Y seem like a service oriented movement with no goal, mission or organization. 

Since the re-branding in July of 2010 most of that has changed. The Y movement today is focused, organized and communicates what the Y does, and how we do it. The reason for being, the reason why the Y does what it does is to build the foundation of community. When there is an issue in the community, the Y responds. This is why not every Y is the same-every community is different and has different needs. This is also why you'll see different programs in different Y's. This lends itself to Social Responsibility.

This section of our website should be checked often. The activities that are part of Social Responsibility will always be in other areas of our website (like our programs or news events) but most often we find the fuzzy, feel good activities or the "thank goodness I really needed that" type of activities that make participants feel really good about themselves, their families, their children, or relieved etc..are found here. 


Click Here for the Information for our Blood Drive in June 

Click Here for the Information for Movies Under the Stars- A Free Community Event for Families


Salsa Sabor Y Salud

Developed by the National Latino Children’s Institute (NLCI) and Kraft Foods, Salsa, Sabor y Salud is designed to raise awareness of the importance of good nutrition, increase levels of physical activity and encourage healthy lifestyle habits for the whole family. 

The eight-week interactive, bi-lingual course promotes healthy living while celebrating Hispanic/Latino tradition and culture.  The curriculum is based on four messages:


  • Eat from all food groups every day
  • Be sensible about portions
  • Be physically active every day
  • Take small steps for success 

Fridays 6:00 p.m. 8 week session. Starts 4/19 Free for all. No children are permitted without adult participation. Held at 33 Outwater Lane. No fee for the program, but prior registration is necessary. Register by calling 973-772-7450. Download the event flier here



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