Our members and friends call us their Y. We call them our greatest resource—the thousands of people who work alongside us and support our work to help our   neighbors learn, grow and thrive.  

What if we could harness all of that power to make an even greater difference on a larger scale?

With programs from A to Z—like before school care to after school care, aqua arthritis to Zumba, active older adults to community wellness days and soccer to volunteerism—we don’t just strengthen individuals, we strengthen our community.

Yet there is so much more to do.

Your support helps the Y deliver on our commitment:
The Garfield YMCA faces new challenges that create a greater need for the work we do. Fortunately, where some see obstacles, we see opportunities for our           members, volunteers, staff, and generous donors like you to make a difference. No other organization can impact as many people as powerfully as we do every day.

To nurture the potential of youth through building confidence at camp, academic enrichment in safe afterschool programs, or foundational skills and values in our child care programs.

To improve the nation’s health and well-being through combating obesity and chronic disease by providing the support and resources people need to make positive change.

To give back and support our neighbors by empowering people with the resources to improve their lives and connect and contribute to the community, such as with job training, housing, newcomer services, and opportunities to advocate for social change.

To offer programs and services to children, adults and families who need financial assistance.


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Enter 07026 Zip Code to pull up the YMCA Of Garfield. Our address 33 Outwater Lane will pull up on the left. Select GIVE and you will be able to complete an on-line gift. For more information about our Y's work or making an in person gift please call Marisa at 973-928-2970.