Elmwood Park Gyms - New Jersey

Looking for a Gym in Elmwood Park, New Jersey? Come check out our facilities! 

Want something different than the typical shopping plaza gym or the glamour gyms? The YMCA in Garfield, New Jersey has so much more to offer than the typical Elmwood Park gym. YMCAs center themselves around youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. For youth development, Ys believe in nurturing the potential of every child and teen, encourage healthy living by improving the nation's health and well-being, and teaching social responsibility with giving back and providing support to their neighbors.

All YMCA facilities, such as the Garfield gym here at the YMCA, share a passion to strengthen the foundations of community by bringing people together in one place. YMCAs provide the resources for children and adults alike to learn, grow and thrive. With workout facilities, children's classes, fitness classes, community involvement and volunteers, YMCAs are comfortable places for families and the community to express themselves in a variety of ways. So get away from your typical Elmwood Park gym and join the Garfield YMCA today!

The Garfield YMCA is an Association of members voluntarily banded together for the purpose of growing spiritually, intellectually and physically in the spirit of God. The association is a Christian Character builder and personality developing organization, which welcomes all who wish to participate regardless of cultural heritage, religion, creed, race or gender.

The Garfield YMCA also has preschool available to ages 21/2-4 years old for non-residents

YMCAs believe in the following:

Show a sincere concern for others

Be truthful in what you say and do

Follow the golden rule

Be accountable for your promises and actions 

The Garfield YMCA services the surrounding communities including Saddle Brook, Elmwood Park, Lodi, Wallington, Clifton, Garfield, Patterson, and Passaic. We have locations on Outwater Lane and Midland Avenue.