Facility Changes

Dear Members;                                                                                                                                                                                 10/8/2018


As of November 30th, the Garfield YMCA will no longer occupy 70 Outwater Lane. Renovations at 490 Midland have begun to move equipment and services there as well as upgrades to 33 Outwater Lane’s cardio room. You will see most of 70 Outwater Lane’s equipment move to 33 Outwater Lane, some of it will move to 490 Midland with many new pieces of cardio and strength at 490 Midland Avenue, along with our studio classes moved to 490 Midland.


We appreciate your membership at the Y and we ask for your patience as we make this move. While we are doing everything we can to make this transition seamless, there could be a 2 week period where facilities will have shut down times in December for moves and set ups. While our goal is before 2019, we don’t foresee a disruption of services after 1/1/19. 


We do feel we are a family, and each and every one of you have a name, face and story unfolding that we feel honored playing a part in. If you could continue to support the mission and our association, we truly foresee a much more revitalized Y, with more potential and possibility in this new arrangement. The move is part of a 2 step process that will unfold in pieces.


70 Outwater Lane has served us well.


We hope that you can feel a celebratory attitude rather than grief of changing facilities. While we understand change brings uncertainty and it is hard, our commitment to delivering our brand of services through our mission is stronger today than it has ever been. We believe the Garfield YMCA will deliver a better membership experience than ever before in our new arrangement.





Patricia Gallagher

CEO Garfield YMCA